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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Agent Speaks

With trepidation I have waited to hear from My Lovely Agent on what he thinks needs doing (cutting?!) on the book. Would he want me to axe my favorite characters? Cut the word count in half? Transfer the action to Las Vegas, circa 1970? One trembled to think.

Yesterday, these fears proved to be groundless. MLA sent back my manuscript with lots of comments in the margins, many of them complimentary, all of them tactfully worded. He also sent an 11-page memo discussing the book in great detail—what works, what could use work, what might be sacrificed in the name of coherence, and so on. Imagine that! Someone cares enough about my little book to talk about it for 11 pages! It feels strange to see my characters cavorting on someone else’s pages, discussed as if they’re real, living people (or centaurs). Wahoo! I’m not alone anymore!

And now ... to the business of revising.

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