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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Books to Drool Over

Hooray, dreams fulfilled! Ever since our cute little micro-Borders closed last year, I've been mourning the dearth of bookstores in our area. Like most large suburbs, we have the venerable Barnes & Noble--in fact, two of them here on the Kansas side of the metro--but there's something special about having a little bookshop on the corner, as it were. I suppose someone somewhere heard my sobbing, because some of the former employees of our now-defunct Borders Express got together and retooled the space into Shawnee Books & Toys, which is only blocks from where I live! I finally got around to stopping in today and I couldn't leave empty handed. I had to get ...

last year's Newbery winner is a fellow Kansan from Wichita!
14 writers spin tales around Van Allsburg's haunting drawings

been meaning to get this forever because the lovely Nova Ren Suma writes so wonderfully

recommended all over the place--gotta read it
 this just looks like pure fun--a mystery, puzzles, a dead magician, and sequels!

Happy Valentine's Day to me!

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