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Friday, September 4, 2015

Recent Goings-On & Whatnot

Hey, blog readers, in case you're thinking I've just been sitting here watching those dang minions jump and shout and scream about my book launch, I'm here to say (finally) that it's not quite true.

First of all, I did have a fantastic book launch party way back on June 23. Junior and senior pirates alike enjoyed swag, food, and yeah, a bunch of books.

freebie pirate swag galore

120 attendees--and some weren't even my personal friends

pirate cookies & book cake were both hits

Check out more photos of this superfun event here.

Shortly after the launch, I took a well-deserved (if I say so myself) break to lovely San Diego, which is fast becoming our family's vacation spot of choice.

Sunset Cliffs--highly recommended if you love sunsets, oceans, cliffs ... you get it.

After that, I was off to Watermark Books & Cafe in Wichita for a book signing and general merriment with my supercool poet mother-in-law, Diane Wahto.

So now I'm settling back in to writing, reading, and blogging, and I hope to keep you up to date on the goings-on, such as they are. For more or less monthly updates, you can always sign up to receive my author newsletter here, which includes fun freebies like kids' activities and newsletter-only giveaways as well as news, photos, and updates. Till next time, then.