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Monday, February 1, 2010

How to Say Stuff in English

Even during my self-imposed blog hiatus I feel compelled to check in with you grammar lovers. Something to chew on:'s list of commonly mispronounced words and phrases. While technically right, some of the items on this list seem a little extreme. My own peeves include transposing syllables/letters (the infamous "nu-kyuh-ler" version of nuclear) and inserting syllables/letters where they don't belong ("miss-CHEE-vee-us"--wrong--instead of "MISS-chuh-vus"--there are only three syllables in the word mischievous, gang). Enjoy, and if you like, state your own peeve or opinion in the Comments section.


  1. Hi Claire, I wanted to let you know I've nominated you for a Prolific Blogger Award:

    Thanks for having such a great blog! I've been enjoying it very much.

  2. One particular pronunciation that annoys me (and I'm not even sure if my way is correct) is when people pronounce Jewellery as Jool-erry rather than Jewel-ree which sounds more correct to me.

    I suspect the correct pronunciation may even be Jewel-erry, but that sounds cumbersome.

    Since the word is talking about a collection of Jewels, condensing the word Jewel into Jool just sounds lazy.

    Which is correct?

    (Come back soon Claire - I miss you blog updates)