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Friday, February 1, 2013

Where Character Names Come From

Happy Frosty February, blogfrogs. Yeah. No exclamation mark--both because I dole them out with grace and restraint and because the word frosty should be applied to milkshakes from Wendy's, not weather. I like to bundle up at Christmastime and watch the snowflakes waft down and all that jazz, but I have cabin fever now and want to be outside. And I'm a weather wimp, so tramping around with three sweaters under my winter coat in the 8-degree wind is not my idea of going outside.

Not that any of this rant applies to the hop-hop-hopping you should do if you'd like to read about the many ways in which the debut kidlit authors of 2013 go about naming their characters. For that, you should hop on over to the Lucky 13s blog. That'd be here.

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