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Thursday, September 4, 2014

TBR 2014: Book No. 24

How could you possibly resist a book written by film director Chris Columbus (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone) and Ned Vizzini? Especially one that J.K. Rowling calls "A breakneck roller coaster of an adventure"? J.K. Rowling, people! That, and the cool cover, are why I picked up House of Secrets (Balzer + Bray / HarperCollins, 2013).
“A swift-paced…clever page-turner for any reader who has wanted to take part in literary adventures … This story is compelling, great fun, and sure to be popular.”  --ALA Booklist

"With a new adventure that seems to arrive with every chapter, the story unfolds quickly, thus keeping kids hooked and wanting to find out what will happen next.” --School Library Journal 
Let's see what the hype is all about, readers!

That's right: I've committed to reading all the books on my TBR Shelf this year--and blogging them! Click here to read the reviews I've posted so far.

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  1. This one is on my radar. I need to get to it soon. It looks great. Keep on going. You're very inspiring.