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Sunday, March 2, 2014

TBR Reading Goal Update

Yeah, I know--you're just sitting up nights wondering how I could update my original TBR 2014 Reading Goal. Will she wimp out? Will she sneak a few books off the shelf and pretend they never existed? Will she ever get to the point?

No, no, and yes. Here I thought I was being so original, blogging about my progress through the 2014 TBR Shelves, but it turns out plenty of other people are doing it too. So to add to the fun, I'm joining the challenge on the Bookish blog, which is doing, well, the same thing I am--only with more pizazz.

So, take note! I'm officially joining the Bookish 2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge, which you can learn more about here. The level I'll aim for is 41-50 books ("Could This Be Love?"), because although I've got 51 books on my list, it's possible I'll abandon some of these books 50 pages in. (I think 50 pages is a fair shot. Really.)

You can head over to Bookish to see a list of other bloggers who've joined the challenge, and to join yourself! Most of my books are middle-grade and young adult novels, though I've got a few for adults thrown in too, but if your taste runs to more adult books, you'll find plenty on the Bookish list.

My review coming up this week: The Chronicles of Harris Burdick, an anthology of middle-grade short stories edited by Chris Van Allsburg.

See my full list of TBRs right here.

Read reviews of what I've read so far on the list here.

Read on, blogfrogs!

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