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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Fab Launch Party

It has taken me several days, blog readers, to come out of my post-launch daze and post about my party. What a fabulous event! To those of you who were there, thank you so much for coming and filling the house! And for those who couldn't make it, I offer a little snapshot of what went on.

Thanks to the boundless energy of my sister, we set up food and tables at Shawnee Books & Toys bookstore around 5:00. Michelle Ranney, manager extraordinaire, kept things running like clockwork and even hired extra help to handle all the book selling. Sis hung out by the food. We had cheese and fruit for the adults, and cake, cupcakes, cookies, and snack foods for the kids (and ... er ... the adults).

This cake, designed by my local Hy-Vee bakery, not only looked gorgeous, but tasted good too!

 Most folks took our advice and reserved their books. We sold all 125 copies, and then broke into my stash of author copies, for a total of about 140 total sold.

I gave my richly deserved thank-yous to the bookstore, my family, and all the friends who showed up to celebrate with me. Then I read briefly from the book (pp 69-72) and did some Q&A. I was so glad the kids were brave enough to ask questions, because theirs were the best ones.

And of course, what's a book event without free stuff? We raffled off 4 bags of swag, a charm bracelet, and two lovely golden keys in fancy boxes. Shawnee Books & Toys threw in a $25 gift card for the store to sweeten the pot!

That was about it for the entertainment, because we had a lot of people waiting to get books signed. All told, about 140 people attended, 35 of whom were kids. I call that a big success! Thank you, everyone, for supporting me and supporting books. I love you all.

images copyright Shawnee Books & Toys. Used with permission. Visit their page here.

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