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Thursday, April 17, 2014

TBR 2014: Book No. 12

I picked up Jepp, Who Defied the Stars by Katherine Marsh (Hyperion, 2012) last year because I was astounded by the premise. How many YA novels do you know that deal with the experience of court dwarfs in 16th-century Europe? Yeah. About that many. Totally unique. That grabs me.

"This highly unusual story about a highly unusual hero will also feel like your story. Few of us are imprisoned dwarfs, but all of us want to guide our own lives."  --Jonathan Safran Foer, New York Times best-selling author of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

"This shining gem is a must-have."  --School Library Journal

New York Times Notable Children's Book of 2012

Dwarfs--real ones!--during the Age of Exploration. Not your typical YA material, gang! Go out on a limb with me.

That's right: I've committed to reading all the books on my TBR Shelf this year--and blogging them! Click here to read the reviews I've posted so far.


  1. You may get through your TBR list, but you are making mine longer!!! This one sounds like a must read.

    1. I really like it so far, Rosi. The first-person narrator is so interesting. I'm a little surprised it's even categorized as YA; it just feels like a historical novel for adults.