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Friday, April 11, 2014

Fun Friday: Who Gives a #^(! About an Oxford Comma?

I'm a fan of the Oxford comma, people, and not just because it's named after the Oxford University Press, which makes it sound like a supersmart thing. It's come from years of editing using the style book most favored by American publishers, The Chicago Manual of Style. But its use is--gasp--optional. Here's today's informative video on the topic:

And here's today's irreverent take on the topic. (Caution: an R-rated word is featured. You've been warned.)


  1. Fun post, Claire. I wasn't familiar with Vampire Weekend or their song about the Oxford comma; catchy song, though. I grew up without the Oxford comma and it wasn't until more recently that I started using it (although I don't use it every time). There are times when I think it's unnecessary (a list, for instance), as long as the meaning is clear.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Joanne! I can't really stop using the OC. It's such an entrenched habit from my editing days. But objectively, I do think it's superfluous at times.